I have a foot fetish…

I.LOVE.BABY.FEET.  Something about their little nubs of toes or the soft bottoms (speaking of bottoms, I love baby butts too! and I cannot lie) makes me want to kiss them all day long.  And that is exactly what I do with my son’s feet, stink and all.  At size 7 toddler size (yes, he has humongo feet for a 20 month-old), you can’t really call them baby feet anymore but I still love them.  So this morning, when I busted my son sneaking in iPad time while daddy’s in the shower, I had to snap a photo first before snatching away the wonderful but evil device.  Luckily there weren’t many tears this time when he had to say bye bye iPad.


Tyler feet

Looking back, I wish I had done a monthly foot photo.  Mental note for #2…


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